Our Tuesday morning classes (7:45 and 9:15am) on 8/20 will meet at Lebanon Lutheran Church, 1101 W. Mears in Whitehall. This will be our last Tuesday outside the dance studio. Classes resume at Studio France School of Dance on Tuesday, 8/27.

Our next Yoga at the Lighthouse is set for Friday, Aug. 23, at 9:30am. For details, call Mitch at 231-740-6662.

​​ Summer  2019 Schedule

(Drop-ins welcome. See pricing below)



7:45-8:45 AM and 9:15-10:15 AM - GENTLE YOGA  

Studio France School of Dance, 8742 Ferry St. Montague​


9:15-10:15am - GENTLE YOGA
Lebanon Lutheran Church

​1101 S. Mears

Drop-ins, $15

Private yoga by appt. Rates vary. Contact Mitch at 231-740-6662

Studio France School of Dance

Lebanon Lutheran Church

White River Yoga

Welcome to White River Yoga and our White Lake yoga community. We offer classes in gentle and all-levels

Hatha yoga, along with private yoga, paddleboard yoga, workshops, and retreats at locations in and

around Montague and Whitehall.