White River Yoga

(These are descriptions of the classes we offer. Some classes are seasonal, and will not appear on our current schedule. Our current schedule is on the home page)

Gentle Yoga  is the perfect class for beginners. The practice focuses on gentle stretching and   features postures intended to improve flexibility and balance. Students are guided and encouraged to listen to their bodies and be gentle with themselves. We encourage the use of blocks, blankets and bolsters for support.

Yoga for all levels is, as the title implies, a class suitable for all levels of experience.  Newer students will learn and practice the rudiments of yoga, while within the same class, intermediate and advanced students are given the opportunity to take their practice to a deeper level. 

Fitness Yoga  is geared toward those who want a sweat-inducing, cardio-focused practice, that combines core-strengthening, muscle-toning and flexibility-building for an all-over workout that will leave you spent, but happy. This class is not for the faint of heart. Nor, for that matter, those with bad hearts. You. Will. Work.

Sunset & Sunrise Flow 
guides you through poses in a Vinyasa style, beginning with the basics, but featuring the opportunity to pursue somewhat more challenging poses. Props are encouraged to allow each body to achieve every pose. Sunset Flow is great for both beginners, unfamiliar with the practice, and for more experienced yogis who are looking for a gentle, relaxing sequence.