​​​​​​​​Here are some upcoming events we're excited about 


We've Moved!

We are holding classes at three different locations around Montague and Whitehall. Monday (6:15pm) and Thursday (6pm), we'll meet at White Lake Area Community Education, 541  Slocum St. in Whitehall. You'll register, and pay, for those classes through White Lake Area Community Education (WLACE) at 893-0515.

Classes on Tues, and Fri morning will meet at the Studio France School of Dance, just down the block from our current location. Again, your existing classes will count toward classes at this venue. 

Classes on Saturday morning, will be held at Lebanon Lutheran Church, 1101 S. Mears, Whitehall. Our Saturday morning class will meet from 9:15-10:15. Your existing classes with WRY will count at this venue. 


Yoga Candlelight Fundraiser

Join us for gentle yoga by candlelight at our annual Christmas Candlelight Fundraiser for the cancer charity Hope Scarves, Thursday, Dec. 20, from 7pm to 8:15, at Studio France School of Dance,  8742 Ferry St., Montague. We'll practice gentle yoga to music of the season.

Suggested donation: $15.  Bring a mat, if you have one. Otherwise, mats will be provided.

White River Yoga
Mitch Coleman

White River Yoga